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Our business strategy has developed from the basic commitment that any pet owner makes to his or her pet: the commitment of care. As pet owners ourselves, we have developed  a company of products designed to simplify the tasks of pet care in ways that promote a positive environmental agenda.

Our initial products will provide safe, environmentally friendly solutions to the often unpleasant, but necessary, tasks of pet waste disposal. Over eight million households in the U.S. include at least one dog or cat. The total canine population alone is over seventy million and growing, creating exponential growth in demand for services and related pet care products. However this growth creates the potential for the harmful effects of pet waste, to overcome the natural cycles that break down fecal waste into benign organic mater.

it may not be the most glamorous part of the pet care industry, but this fundamental task of pet maintenance requires simple, effective solutions that are efficient, cost effective and sanitary. To accomplish this wile minimizing any environmental impact, required an innovative approach to an old problem.

Our initial line of products allows any pet owner to deal with the chore of pet waste disposal in a manner both simple and environmentally safe. Our FlushEze disposable baggies, the PoochPouch carry pack and WasteAway pet waste disposal system are designed to work in concert to lessen the strain on local watershed resources by utilizing waste water treatment systems as we would any human waste. They're safe, sanitary and easy to use, without the need for expensive, messy and inefficient chemicals, mechanical scoops or cumbersome containers.

Remember, it's best to flush it, rather than dump it.