PetHabitats has made the protection of watershed resources and water quality a fundamental element of our business.

The problems associated with pet waste pollution are well documented as a significant environmental threat to local watershed resources.

Sanctioned studies show the presence of fecal matter at unprecedented levels in urban area rivers and streams.

Data indicates that 95% of fecal coli pollution is attributable to pet waste leaching back into the watershed from storm runoff.

Bacterial contamination poses a significant health risk to people and pets, and is rapidly emerging as a serious environmental and regulatory issue.

PetHabitats products offer any pet owner a simple and effective way to dispose of pet waste without any environmental risk.

The WasteAway provides a safe and easy-to-use solution for the disposal of pet waste into any sanitary sewer system.

  • Kits are ready to install.

  • Mounts to exterior clean-out in any standard sewer line.

  • Use a common garden hose for the water source.

  • Simple flap-style lid for easy access.

  • Fully weatherproof, regardless of season.

  • Meets all codes and standards

  • Low maintenance components and materials

  • Full warranty

  • Solar powered macerating pumps

  • Full installation services




WasteAway with FlushEze is our revolutionary system to dispose of pet waste in the sanitary sewer where it belongs rather than the trash barrel or leaving it on the ground where it ends up in the storm sewer and eventually in our public water ways.

The system is quite simple, our Waste Away attaches to the clean-out in front or behind your house, with a water connection from your hose or hard piped underground.

We have many variations and upgrades to accommodate your specific requirements along with full installation service if needed.

Our FlushEze water soluble waste bags were designed to be used on your daily pet walks together with your WasteAway system, or simply use and dispose in your toilet.


  • Flushable Baggies

  • Patented Formula

  • 100% Water Soluble

  • Will Not Clog Pipes

  • Double Bag Design

  • Safe & Sanitary

  • Conceals & Protects

  • No Pre-Soaking Needed

  • Custom Fanny Pack Available

The FlushEze two-in-one bag is simple, fast & sanitary to use. Place your hand in the inner containment bag and scoop. Reverse by pulling the inner bag through the outer bag, then roll the doubled bags lengthwise for disposal.


POOCH POUCH - Carrier for FlushEze

Keep your FlushEze waste baggies at the ready without the bother of flimsy, messy plastic grocery bags.

The PoochPouch dispenses, stores and conceals, leaving you hands free to enjoy a walk or a romp at the dog park.

Includes detachable compartment for storing and transporting used bags. Easy to rinse, easy to use.

Separate pet treats, key and cell phone holders. Comes with waist or optional shoulder strap.